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Africa Safari

Visiting Uganda the pearl of Africa is no doubt but an exciting safari waiting to happen, this is your opportunity to see the entire Africa crammed in a country so rich and a people so friendly. It is however wise to take some travel tips with you to ensure an enjoyable tour.

Uganda has an equatorial climate, with daily temperatures varying between 20℃ and 27℃ and a minimum average temperature of 18℃, though the temperatures can sometimes dip to 12℃. The highest temperatures are usually in the north of the country while the lowest occur on the peaks of Mount Rwenzori.

The Baganda - Uganda's Culture

These vary by Tribe as well as occasion. They include celebrations during birth, harvest periods, circumcision or initiation ceremonies, Marriage and some cultures death. Some of these dances include Entogoro by the Batooro for wedding ceremonies, Imbalu by the Bagisu for circumcision, Amagunjju by the Baganda for coronation or ceremonies where the king must attend.

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