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We would like to invite you on a journey of adventure through Uganda and the East African region, the best destination for memorable African safaris. We will arrange the vacation of your choice from the popular gorilla trekking tours in Uganda ,Rwanda and Congo to the legendary traditional safaris in East Africa’s finest national parks and game reserves. Venture to Uganda’s great lakes and rivers, the source of the Nile, unspoiled national parks, tropical rain forests and authentic cultural experiences.

Safaris Uganda for Uganda safaris and gorilla trekking tours, we arrange tours, safari holidays  and safari packages in Uganda , Rwanda , Kenya and Tanzania. The mountain gorilla tracking experience in Uganda and Rwanda is a once  in  a lifetime activity.  We offer African safari, birdwatching tours, mountain hiking.

African safari experts for your memorable travel experience in Uganda and east  Africa, MJ Safaris Uganda the safari people. 

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We customize all our tour packages to your exact requirements. As “East Africa Travel Experts,” we blend professional travel training with our personal expertise and experiences. Get started with planning your safari in Uganda or East Africa today.

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