How to get to Jinja from Kampala city

Jinja city lays in Busoga kingdom the South Eastern region of Uganda, approximately 55 miles (87 km), by road east of Kampala. The town is located on the shores of Lake Victoria and home to the source of the Nile the longest river in the world. Jinja is popularly known as the adventure capital of east Africa offering white water rafting, Kayaking, Bungee jumping and Quad biking.

Jinja is the largest metropolitan area in Busoga region, and is considered the capital of the Busoga kingdom which is one of the active culture institutions in Uganda thou the country is a republican state the monarchies still exist but the leaders are not involved in partisan politics, Busoga kingdom has a king locally known as the Kyabazinga HRH William Gabula Nadiope 1V.

The town has several restaurants, cafes and hotels modern facilities like WIFI, swimming pools, shuttles, conference halls and offering professional tourism services.

Plans are under way for the construction of a zoo around the source of the Nile in Jinja. The zoo will be the second in Uganda after the Uganda wild life education center in Entebbe about 120 Kilo meters away from Jinja city.



Local attractions includesource of the Nile”, and Nile breweries a large brewery of different beer brands with the most popular one being Nile special which is brewed straight from the fresh waters of the river Nile. About five miles (8 kms) north of Jinja where the Bujagali power station and falls, Mabira forest, kakira sugar works, Nalubale power dam station, formerly knows Owen falls dam which was officially opened on 29th April 1954 by queen Elizabeth 11 of England, Itanda falls Jinja, Nytil clothing industry, kasaku tea estate, white water rafting, Masese landing site, cultural sites, Igenge kings palace historic sites. Etcetera.



Jinja as the adventure capital of East Africa provides a great source of recreational and vigorous activities to keep your adrenaline pumping.

Activities like horseback riding, boat cruising, rafting, camping, quad cycling, kayaking, bungee jumping, water skiing, forest walk, bird watching, site seeing at mabira forest, flat water canoeing, river boarding (fishing, swimming) water sport, rock climbing, cultural sites visit, paragliding.



 Jinja town is marinated with conspicuous hotels that provide a good aura backed up with sensational serenity. Hotels such as king fisher, resort hotel living waters resort, brisk hotel triangle, two friends Jinja guest house with one of the best restaurants on average 3, 4, & 5 star hotels in Jinja cost $ 70, 150,160 per night.

  1. Kingfisher Resort Jinja:

The resort is becoming increasingly popular due to its cozy ambiance and the variety of activities on offer. The resort offers luxurious and pleasant stay for a reasonable price.

  1. Cool Breeze Hotel Jinja:

The breeze hotel is located in Jinja town, 82 kms from Kampala. From cool breeze hotel you can visit the source of the Nile, the roaring bujagali falls, etc.

  • Source of the Nile Hotel:

Source of the Nile hotel has comfortable relational and value for money, strategically located with fantastic views of the source of river Nile at what was the Rippon falls.


  1. Nile Resort Hotel:

Located at the kimaka Bujagali Rd in Jinja Uganda set in an auspicious location providing panoramic view over the Nile.

  1. 2Friends Guest House:

Located on the Jackson crescent along the main highly surrounded by a warm and relaxed atmosphere Ideal for both leisure and business.

V1) Nile Village Hotel & Spa

It’s a 4 star hotel with great ambiance and locate near the source of the Nile.

V11) Sunset Hotel Jinja

Located on river Nile banks overlooking Owen falls dam and the source of the river Nile, it’s strategically located just two kilometers from Jinja town center.

11X) Explores Camp Bujagali

This offers basic services to budget travelers they are located in every town of Uganda and all most tourist destinations.

1X) Paradise On the Nile Hotel

Is a nice and cozy hotel on the banks of the river overlooking the Owen falls dam and the source of the Nile.


  1. X) Nile Porch Lodge

The Nile Porch lodge and the black lantern restaurant is located in Bujjagali, offering superb meals and fantastic services for accommodation with a unique and quite ambiance.









Jinja district being part of Busoga region which is made 11 districts, including Iganga, Bugiri, Kamuli, Buyende where you find Kagulu rock hill, Muyuge district where you find Bishop James Hannington memorial site in Kyando village and St Matia Mulumba, Namutumba, Kaliro, Lukka. Jinja is home to estimate 3.5m million people, according to the national census the majority of the people in Jinja district belong to the Basoga ethnic group and Lusoga is the most widely spoken language. Sweet potatoes and G.nut paste is their staple food, they are also famous for the jack fruit (fene) and the inventors of Rolex (chapatti mixed with spiced omelets).


No destination can function well unless there is a means of getting there. Jinja town can be accessible by bus, taxi, safari vehicle, water, air and also railway transport, enabling tourist reach their final destinations. To make Jinja town even more accessible most places have been updated in the Google map, to ease travelling. Recently the government of Uganda opened up a new constructed modern chain bridge which has now biffed up tourism in this region.




As a trade and industrial center, Jinja road network is highly improved and this is the main highway to the Kenyan border to Mombasa since Uganda is a landlocked country most of the imported goods come through Mombasa port in Kenya. Highway way hotels and restaurants for weary travelers have been put in place. With our 3, 4, 5 star hotels, guest house, restaurants, not forgetting our hospitable natives. Jinja keeps a profound hygiene. Restaurants serving local foods employ eminent chefs and staff. Jinja has a modern built local market which is the largest in east Africa under one roof making it a unique tourism site.



Jinja’s historical buildings and sites are important aspects of Uganda’s tangible heritage. Within Jinja, Uganda’s history can be told through historical buildings. Such buildings and sites of cultural, religious, and historical significance represent different aspects of our human existence, ways of life, architectural knowledge and skills and social organization over different periods of time. Modernist architecture also provides points of references upon which the relationship between Uganda and other European countries may be told. These linkages not only enhance our shared history and identity but are importance sources of education and research in our country.


  • JinjaPier 1912
  • JinjaPolice Station 1928
  • JinjaRailway Bridge 1926
  • JinjaRailway Station 1928
  • JInjaWar Memorial 1945
  • Madhvani Building1919





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