Uganda has the largest number of bird species in Africa as a continent over 1070 and it is a birder’s haven to the rest of the world. Uganda is known for mountain gorillas with half of the world’s population found in Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga mountain gorilla park, wildlife, golden monkeys, chimpanzees, diverse culture, Mountains and beautiful landscapes are a huge attraction to Uganda, Birding watching has been a first growing activity in Uganda given the fact that Uganda has tropical forest, lots of water bodies and swamps that make birding a hot selling activity for anyone visiting the pearl of Africa. The shoebill stork is the most thought after bird in Africa and Uganda but can be easily seen in Uganda amongst other African countries, and this makes Uganda more attractive to Bird watchers all over the world. Uganda is gifted by nature Lakes, Rivers, Swamps, Tropical forests, woodlands all these are perfect habitats to more than 1070 species of birds in Uganda. Mj Safaris Uganda Birdwatching tours and safaris

The shoebill stork which is regarded as the number one species in Africa can be seen in more than 12 sites in Uganda the pearl of Africa, sounds unbelievable? The shoebill stork tailored tours safari, you have more chances of spotting the bird in Uganda. There are various types of storks in Uganda namely Yellow-billed stork, Shoebill stork, Marabou stork, Saddle Billed Stork, open billed stork. All these can be spotted in Uganda at easy. You can spot the Shoebill stork in some of the best Ugandan sites as listed below by Mj Safaris Uganda.

Makanaga Swamp

Makanaga Swamp is indeed one of the best Shoebill stork spots in Uganda, the swamp is located on Lake Victoria the largest freshwater body in Africa, and can be accessed from Kampala City or Entebbe by a canoe to the swamp, and this ride gives you a great view of the shoebill stork and other popular water birds when you get to tour this area. Our tours to Makanaga swamp always start in the morning with a canoe ride having the local guide on with us, sharing information, history and also pointing out different bird species and other aquatic nature life on the swamp.

Makanaga swamp is open for all kinds of birders and tourists always and it has much more to offer than the birds alone Encounter Africa safaris organizes birding safaris in Uganda and you can check out different Uganda Safaris at Mj Safaris Uganda we can tailor the Makanaga swamp tours with gorilla safaris in Uganda and Rwanda. Get in touch with our reservation team for your shoebill stork tour today.

Semuliki National Park Western Uganda

Semuliki National park is one of the most popular birding watching sites in Uganda and is regarded as a birder’s haven in Africa, having over 450 bird species and represents about 65% of the country’s forest birds, it offers you an opportunity to spot the Albertine endemics on this tour. The park is located in western Uganda, shared by Bundibugyo and Notoroko districts, it can be accessed from Fort portal town and you will have a chance to visit the Amabere Ganyina Mwiru which is a cultural site just a few kilometers from Fort Portal town. Semuliki national park is surrounded by other Parks like Kibale National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, and Mountain Rwenzori National Park as well as the Rwenzori escarpments.

The Host springs in Semuliki National Park is one of the key highlights that you shouldn’t miss, River Semuliki that meanders having oxbow lakes and the beautiful birds. The shoebill stork is the key highlight for a birding safari and most visitors haven’t missed it in Semuliki as the environment is not spoilt, Chances are many for spotting it in most of the sites we have mentioned.

We have professional Birding guides who will make your Shoebill birding tour the best experience and share with you enough knowledge and information about the shoebill storks and other bird species found in Uganda and East Africa, The park also has over 8  Albertine endemics like the Black Dwarf Hornbill, red-billed dwarf hornbill, the Swamp Palm Bulbul, the white-crested hornbills, Ross’s Turacos, the Blue-billed Malimbe, Great Black-casqued Wattled Hornbill, the Piping Hornbill. Other birds include; the White-throated Blue Swallow, the African Piculet, Leaf-love, Afep Pigeon, White-tailed Robin-Chat, Red-thighed Sparrow hawk, Bates’s Nightjar, Sabine’s Spinetail, Yellow-throated Nicator, Eurasian Oystercatcher, Double-toothed Barbet, Hairy-breasted Barbet, Black Saw-wing, the Crested Malimbe, Maxwell’s Black Weaver, the Red-bellied Malimbe, the Lemon-bellied Crombec, the Red-rumped Tinkerbird, Spotted Greenbul, Fire-crested Alethe, Mountain Greenbul, Orange-cheeked Waxbill, and Chestnut-breasted Negro finch. And other birds will be viewed during game drives and nature walks in the park, Send us an email for shoebill and other bird watching tours to Uganda.

Iyingo Swamp Lake Kyoga

The Iyingo Swamp can be accessed through Jinja city home to the source of the Nile the longest river in the world and also known as the adventure capital of East Africa, Kamuli town to the Buyende district which is found in the Busoga Kingdom eastern Uganda. Iyingo swamp is at the shores of Lake Kyoga in the East of Uganda near Kagulu Rock Hill the popular 3600ft rock known for its annual Kagulu rock challenge event that normally happens in August every year. The shoebill stork has been spotted several times in the swamp around the shores of Lake Kyoga here. Sanctuary. You are required to carry with you a pair of binoculars and even a camera to cover your great experience or even notify us in advance so that we hire for you binoculars to supplement your view. For tours to Jinja source of the Nile, Kagulu rock and Iyingo for the shoebill contact us:

Nakasongola Swamp

The Nakasongola Swamp can be accessed through the Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary and it is one of the best places in Uganda that you are almost guaranteed to see the shoebill stork at all times of the year. Nakasongola swamp has lots of bird species for you. A canoe ride is available to the swamp early morning with the local guides to start your shoebill trip on the swamp. This activity can take you about 4hours or less as you will be having riding on the swamp, spotting plenty of birds, and other nature.

We can always add the Nakasongola swamp shoebill tour to your game safari to Murchison and Rhino tracking at Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary. You are required to carry with you a pair of binoculars and even a camera to cover your great experience or even notify us in advance so that we hire for you binoculars to supplement your view.

Lake Albert At The Delta Murchison Falls National Park

The shoebill stork can also be found along the Nile at the Delta in Murchison Falls National Park the largest in Uganda, this is one of the Main attraction especially for tourists interested in birds around Murchison falls National Park, though it could be hard to be seen depending on the season their always chances to spot it during January to April which is more of the dry season. Murchison Falls National Park has a lot of birdlife to offer and this can be spotted during game drives, boat cruise on the Victoria Nile towards the bottom of the Falls or to the delta and Nature walks done in the park. Book with Mj Safaris Uganda for the wildlife safaris and shoebill tours to Murchison falls National Park.

Mabamba Swamp

So far the most popular of all sites for shoebill stork tours in Uganda, Mabamba swamp is among the biggest swamps around Lake Victoria and can easily be accessed from Entebbe using a motorized boat or a canoe ride around the swamp or the drive from Kampala city. The Shoebill stork can be spotted here and other different species of birds, you can either go on in the morning or evening for this experience. Mabamba Swamp can be done either at the start of your tour or at the end of the tour.

Ishasha Swamp Southern Sector- Queen Elizabeth National Park

The shoebill stork can be seen in Queen Elizabeth National Park’s southern sector around the swamp on the shores of Lake Edward in the Ishasha. You can add the shoebill tour to the safari for tree climbing lions in Ishasha Sector, Mj Safaris Uganda will perfectly organize your tour to Ishasha for both tree climbing lions game drive and shoebill stork. Ishasha sector is located in the south of Queen Elizabeth National in western Uganda best known for the famous tree-climbing lions, this is the second biggest park in Uganda for wildlife viewing and bird watching offering over 500 species. Book your birding safari with


Lake Mburo National Park

The Shoebill stork can also be seen on the shores of Lake Mburo while on a boat ride on this historic lake, the park rangers will always be able to help you identify the birds on the shores and by luck, you may even spot the shoebill stork. Lake Mburo National park is the second smallest park in Uganda after Mgahinga mountain gorilla park, this small park offers beautiful birdlife, special antelopes like the Elands the largest of all antelopes and the beautiful Imapals which Kampala city derives its name Kampala from the Impalas.

Lwera Swamp Masaka

Shoebill stork can also occasionally be spotted in these swamps, Lwera or Kyabakuza are located on the way to western and southwestern Uganda, Bwindi impenetrable National, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Iyingo swamp near Lake Kyoga, Lake Mburo National Park, Rwenzori National Park, Mgahinga National Park, Rwanda, and Congo.  On your drive, the driver/ guide will always stop around these sites to try out the shoebill stork, you will have chances of seeing it. With our itineraries, we always make sure that our client gets the best experience.

Uganda Wildlife Education Center-Entebbe (UWEC)

The Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC) former Zoo in Uganda is one of the best places where you are guaranteed to see the shoebill stork, you will see the shoebill any time of the day throughout the year. The center is located in Entebbe and it stretches to Lake Victoria which allows seeing all wildlife in one place just in case you have only come for a short time, maybe for a conference or business.

The center is very close to Entebbe International airport and it is just a short drive that gives you the chance to visit and then proceed to the Airport to fly out or proceed to visit magnificent Uganda. You can opt to have lunch at UWEC as well and this can be arranged for you on the beach. At Mj Safaris Uganda we organize Entebbe excursion to the botanical gardens for bird watching, nature walks, and for those interested in trees and shrubs.