Uganda hosts Global investors for the Space for Giants Tourism investment forum

Uganda hosts Global investors for the Space for Giants Tourism investment forum


The Conservation and Tourism Investment Forum is a unique opportunity to harness the financial muscle of the world’s leading conservation-compatible businesses, including hotel and lodge operators, to raise vital funds to support and protect Uganda’s wildlife. For affordable investment tours to Uganda.

This Space for Giants Club was inaugurated in Kenya in 2016 and the goal of this Club is to protect half of Africa’s remaining 415,000 elephants by 2020. Uganda has been the first to host Africa’s first Conservation and Tourism Investment Forum and Botswana will host the Giants Club Summit 2018 which has four initial objectives:

The Giants Club is an initiative of Space for Giants that gives us the real political, financial and technical muscle to get our work done. It unites sitting or former Heads of State of the four countries that hold half of Africa’s remaining elephants: Botswana, Gabon, Kenya, and Uganda. Its initial goal is to protect half of Africa’s elephants, and it is already looking beyond that to long-term threats.

  1. It will be held soon after China enacts its domestic ivory trade ban, and will recognize the great distinction of that step and help drive new partnerships between China and Africa that ensure natural ecosystems flourish
  2. It will work to secure Africa’s largest single remaining contiguous elephant population, which straddles the borders of five countries
  3. It will engage global enterprise to show how investing in conservation is good for corporate social responsibility and good for business in increasingly discerning global markets
  4. It will review progress made since the 2016 summit and set transparent goals to be achieved before the next event


    Real, lasting, large-scale change only happens with the highest level of political will. The Presidents’ sustained and public backing for our efforts galvanizes serious action. They are joined in the Giants Club by pioneering conservation scientists, who bring technical capacity, and global philanthropists and financiers, who bring the resources and business know-how to underwrite interventions.

    The Club identifies the activities that will have the greatest impact, finances them, and directs Space for Giants and our partners to implement them with very high level political backing.

    The priorities for each President are different, reflecting the various threats elephants face in each of the countries. See examples of projects that the Giants Club has set in motion below.

    The Club’s aim is to support projects that protect half of Africa’s 415,000 elephants. But its vision does not end there. The Giants Club looks to a time beyond the current poaching crisis as competition for land increases as populations grow. Already, the Giants Club is working to generate the guidance and financial mechanisms that will be necessary to maintain the world’s most significant elephant landscapes.

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