Being located on the equator and in the sub-Saharan Uganda is characterized with tropical and equatorial climates that mostly average sunny seasons interspersed with rainy seasons in the entirety of the year depending on the region in the Country. Her temperatures vary from 21-26 degrees.

The North Eastern and North western parts of Uganda are mostly dry with varying precipitations of about 750-800mm per year and the rainy season is normally short from august to November with heavy rains. The North Central being relatively higher in her precipitations with about 1250mm annually but also experience a single rainy season from April to October with the fall hovering between torrential and light pours. The south Eastern and south central are fairly cooler with an equatorial kind of climate since most of them are crossed by the equator and are surrounded by water bodies and forests, their annual precipitation of can vary between 1250-1500mm annually, however the South west is rather drier with a dip in the precipitation of about 1000mm annually.

The mountainous areas with peaks and volcanoes like Elgon, Virunga , Ruwenzori and the vegetation along their slopes are always cool throughout the year and extremely cold during the night.